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Security Tape


It is made with the most advanced anti-counterfeit technology in the world,which involves very complicated manufacturing process and makes 100% anti-counterfeiting possible.

Preset pattern or hidden message or color-charge anti-counterfeiting will show up when tape is peeled or attempts are made at removing it with heat or cold.Available in variety of widths,lengths, colors and private design.


Temper evident,self-wound,self-voiding.

Warning message printing

Invisible hidden warning message

Non-recoverable permanent sealing

Identified easily

One time use,anti-juggle,anti-deny

Special message/graphics available

Writable,processable,anti-fake and quality stability


Prevent labels and stickers from being reused.

Prevent packagees or boxes from being opened,replaced or stolen.

Prevent documents,letters or parcels from unauthorized opening or reading.

Improve product image and raise customer's confidence on products

For Education,Bank,Customer & Finance Department.

For quality warranty.