Proceeding with constant improvement to ensure customer's interests
  • FOSHAN PERFECT TECH ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. has many product lines.  With more than 20 years professional experience in producing adhesive tapes, a integrated production system for customer services has been set up with quick, standard, steady, economic professional qualities,. Our main characters is as follows:
    1. Improving manufacturability to shorten product research & development;
    2. Independently on Developing & Producing program to reduce the time of new product mass production;
    3. Providing professional & simplified process flow to curtail production cycle and increase production ability;
    4. Improving the level of testing automation to increase the efficiency;
    5. Developing many technical processing to improve customers' degree of satisfaction;
    6. To increase productivity and cut costs, all products' function & appearance are tested integrallty by high-quality standard. Besides, more accurate test service of products and customer requirement is provided to achieve world-class standard.